Water company confident of clean supply


PORT Moresby drinking water is among the safest in the world, equivalent to Australia and New Zealand standards, says Eda Ranu chief executive officer Henry Mokono.
He told The National yesterday that the company had invested a lot of money over the last four years to bring the city’s water up to international standard. “The water is safe to drink,” Mokono said.
“You can drink directly from the tap.
“The water that Port Moresby residents enjoy is up to all international standards, including stringent standards set by the World Health Organisation.” Mokono said what critics may be saying about Port Moresby’s water system was not true.
“In fact, as far as Eda Ranu is concerned, there have been no reports of waterborne diseases whatsoever,” he said.
“We employ skilled Papua New Guineans who are highly trained to check our entire water supply to make sure that water that goes through to the pipe to any household tap is safe to drink.
“If anyone has any proof of our water being contaminated, I ask them to come forward and tell us.
“Eda Ranu’s standards are equivalent to that in Australia and New Zealand. We are ranked at the top, up to Australian and New Zealand standards, and nobody can take that away from us.
“That is something that we are very proud of.
“Our staff are among the best in the country.”

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