Water polo clinics for coaches come to Port Moresby


PAPUA New Guinea Swimming in partnership with corporate sponsor Bank of South Pacific and Fina (International Swimming Federation) through its development and educational programme will be conducting a beginners level water polo clinic for coaches in Port Moresby from June 28 to July 1.
The water polo clinic will coincide with the Fina World Aquatics Day on July 1 and it is hoped a competition will take place.
Queensland Academy of Sport water polo programme high performance manager Aleksandr Osadchuk has accepted the invitation from Fina to conduct the clinic in Port Moresby.
“This is a great opportunity for physical education teachers, coaches and technical officials to come together to learn the game of water polo in a safe and fun aquatic environment at the Taurama Aquatic Centre,” Well said.
“I will be able to provide beginners coaching principles for water polo which include; coaches role and responsibilities, child-safe practices, discovery learning techniques, training group management and delivery responsibilities, managing and using parents in your coaching, think, act, play philosophy, basic rules and positions for water polo as well as fundamental skills development sessions.”
Over the past four weeks we have seen the interest growing in the game of water polo with classes being held on Saturday afternoons from 4-5pm at TAC under the guidance of PNGSI vice-president Ryan Agnew and coach Eamon Murphy.
Water polo has shown it is an energetic sport which emphasizes swimming ability and ball skill over aggression.
It is played by men and women of all ages and abilities and is the longest standing team sport in the Olympic Games, being introduced in Paris in 1900.

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