Water system partially restored


LALOKI Psychiatric Hospital’s borehole water system has been restored but it is still not supplying water to all staff houses due to low pressure.
Acting vice-president of PNG Nurses Association Frederick Kebai told The National that water was supplied to the hospital and there was not enough pressure to push water to staff houses.
He said the supply system was unreliable.
Kebai said the workers wanted the government to buy tanks for each house and the hospital.
They also want the Health Department to pay Eda Ranu to connect the main supply.
He said it would cost Eda Ranu about K2 million to install a new pipe between 9-Mile and Laloki.
Kebai said a health team from Health Department visited the hospital on Friday but workers were not satisfied with the outcome.
He said businessman George Constantinou Jr also visited them and assured them of some assistance.
“Currently, there is an excavator digging pits at the Laloko hospital area but we do not know what is happening,” Kebai said.
“The hospital has its own management and budget but we do not know what has happened and we are calling on the department to look into this case,” he said.
“There are more problems than just the water issue and we would like the management to come out and admit it.
Health Secretary Pascoe Kase said the long-term solution would be to look at connection to the main Eda Ranu water supply that would help the hospital.

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