Wau Primary farewells long-serving teacher

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GRACE Biru, a long-serving teacher at Wau Primary School in Bulolo, Morobe, was farewelled last Thursday during its 21st graduation.
The occasion was witnessed by Bulolo town mayor Soga Gaumina, church representatives, senior public servants, teachers, friends, business leaders and students.
Guest of honour Morobe education chairman Andrew Gena officially farewelled Biru and her family and acknowledged her for her services in the Department of Education.
Gena made a personal commitment of K5000 to Biru and her family as appreciation for her services.
Headmaster Mattew Humango described Biru as a valuable asset and the school would treasure her leadership as a model for teachers.
Biru is from the Tuam and Barim islands of Tewai-Siassi and is married to Maurin Biur and they have with four children.
Her husband is a pastor at the Free Grace Baptist Church.
Biru started her teaching carrier in 1982 after graduating from the Balob Teachers College.
She was posted to Wau in 1989 and has been there until her retirement this year.
She said after 36 years of teaching, she was satisfied with what she has achieved with the help of God.
Biru told The National that from her years of experience in the area, she has noticed a lot of law and order problems and has kept on teaching at the school despite the challenges because she had a heart for the children and to serve.
She said given the remoteness of the school, one major problem the school has been facing was absenteeism by teachers and students.
She encouraged teachers to accept their responsibility to serve and for the students to change their attitude and have the mentality that “what you are doing is for God and not yourself or others”.
She encouraged students by quoting a scripture from Proverbs (Proverbs 9:10) – “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the holy is understanding”.
Bulolo mayor Soga Gaumina, on behalf of the district administration, thanked Biru for her services in educating the children of the district for more than three decades.

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