Weather station upgrades system


THE National Weather Service (NWS) now has one of the most advanced weather forecasting and severe weather alert systems in the world, forecasting and warning centre assistant director Jimmy Gomoga says.
Gomoga said NWS upgraded its smartmet forecasting system and installed the smart alert system which is now able to produce and update weather forecasts and warnings by just one forecaster.
He said that together with national meteorologists trained by experts from the Finland Meteorological Institute (FMI) and South Pacific Region Environment Programme (SPREP), the system would enable effective weather forecasts and hazard weather warnings.
“The training was cost-effective and an excellent opportunity for many of our national meteorologist to participate in the hands-on training on the system and it has put into them one of the most advanced weather forecasting weather alert systems in the world,” he said.
“Our ICT team will be developing products in consultation with the users of our products.”
Gomoga said that despite the upgrade NWS still faced communication challenges.
“Our current bandwidth is not able to sustain and maintain high volumes of raw data for the system to ingest and produce weather information and warnings and the influx of the users that are expect to access this information.”
The Smartmet Forecasting System was donated by the Finland government and installed in 2014.
It was developed and delivered through the FMI under the Finland-Pacific (FINPAC) project and administered by the SPREP.

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