Weekend deaths shock Port Moresby, says Turi

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THERE were five deaths reported in Port Moresby at the weekend, said metropolitan commander Superintendent Benjamin Turi (pictured) .
Turi said the driver of a construction company was killed when the vehicle he was driving collided with a police vehicle at Laloki, outside Port Moresby, on Friday.
“No one in the police vehicle was hurt but the vehicle was completely wrecked,” Turi said.
“Also on Friday, a young boy of mixed Sepik and Gulf parentage was hit by a speeding vehicle along the Poreporena Freeway. He died.”
Turi said that on Saturday, a Goilala man was killed at Baruni dump while a Milne Bay youth was killed at the Waigani bus stop.
“There is no report on what caused the death of the Goilala man but the Milne Bay youth was killed when defending his uncle.”
His uncle was being robbed at the Waigani bus stop when he intervened and he got killed by the robbers.”
Turi said that a youth was killed at Mahuru village in Korobosea and two houses were burnt down on Sunday.
“Another man has been admitted with serious wounds to the Port Moresby General Hospital.”
Turi said police were investigating the deaths.

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