West New Britons keen on welcoming teams


EVEN though the 7th PNG Games in Kimbe, West New Britain, has been rescheduled, the people are still looking forward to the BSP-sponsored event.
The Games host organising committee secretariat official Nolene Pidik said communities in the Hoskins, Mosa and Talasea LLGs were gathering food crops from their gardens and preparing them for marketing during the games next year from March 18 to April 1.
Apart from gardening, the people of West New Britain are also preparing their traditional items to present during the occasion.
Pidik said the hosting the games for the first time in a small province wasa big deal for the community and the intentions of the locals in being part of the event were supported by the HOC.
“Before the announcement of the changing of the dates, mothers were preparing their garden food to sell but now they have slowed a little but reports from the sub committees are clear that the people are still looking forward to the games,” Pidik said.
She clarified that there were 10 sub-committees in the HOC that went out to the communities every week.
“I meet with the members of the sub-committees every week on Monday and they give updates of preparation on their respective areas and we take this meetings very seriously.”

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