West Papuans needs the support from international community, esp in Pacific


I WISH to inform you that Melanesian West Papuans have been seeking refuge in Papua New Guinea since Indonesia annexed the province of Irian Jaya in 1962.
On the eve of 1984 more than 12,000 West Papuans crossed the international border into Papua New Guinea.
The United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) accommodated them in East Awin (Yiowara Camp) and others remained along PNG-Indonesia international border.
They consisted of Free West Papuan National Revolutionary Army-TPN-PB- OPM (Tentara Pebebasan Nasional Papua Barat – Organisasi Papua Merdeka).
They established villages since 1984 i.e. Diko, Betenok, Kuingim, Ambaaga, Komokpin, Iogi, Dome, Atkamba, Niokamban, Kaikok, Yoot, Kuiyu, Membok, Maapruam, Memeyop, Dum, Wagini, Kuwem, Manda and Bosset.
Other portions live in towns i.e. in Kiunga, Ningerum and Tabubil. And others lived in other parts of PNG and around the world.
According to TPN-PB (Free West Papua National Revolutionary Army) Head of Staff, Let ColPius Buuk firmly stated that they will never return to West Papua until they receive independence from Indonesia.
This has constituted to an ongoing struggle for independence for the people of West Papua.
I wish to call on the international community especially in Europe and the Pacific Island countries’ political leaders to take this issue critically on the United Nation table for the self-determination for the West Papua full independence.

Michael Pius, via email

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