What are candidates talking about?


WHAT are candidates in this general election talking about?
My kind of candidate will talk about things that affect people and what practical plans they have in their books to alleviate people from the miseries they have been putting up with for ages due to negligence by current and past MPs.
My kind of candidate will answer these questions convincingly:
What will s/he do to protect our people travelling the seas/rivers/roads?
How will he get the education level of the province or district (he is in charge of) up and to the next level?
How will he truly upgrade the health services in the province or district that he is in charge of?
How can he upgrade the skills of medical practitioners in general hospitals and facilities in the nation?
How can he work towards minimising crime on the streets?
How can he help to monitor
and penalise mobile phone companies who seem to be cheating people by running down their credits before any services are accessed, or data bundles are purchased?
How can he help to monitor and possibly penalise commercial banks for the exorbitant and unnecessary fees that they charge, as well as the poor quality of services proffered where people have to stand in queue for more than one hour for doing very simple tasks, including accessing information on services?
If a candidate – including current MPs – are not answering those questions convincingly, I would be of the view that they still do not understand what they will do to help our people.
In other words, they are not the best candidates for the post.
Our people’s lives are important.

PNG Tauna

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