What’s going on with Pangu Basil?


WHAT is going on with Pangu Pati leader Sam Basil?
Does the Bulolo MP and Deputy Opposition Leader know what he is doing right now before the country goes to the polls next June?
We have only four months left before the 2017 election writs are issued Basil seems to be doing his own things outside of the Pangu council and party executives.
He does not want to cooperate with the national president, the national general secretary and the national party treasurer.
Basil must understand that the party foundation’s starts within the party council with good vibrant leaders.
Here is a different story: The most praised and well-honoured leader in the social media like Facebook is doing things in the opposite direction.
Basil wants to run the show like there are no systems and processes in place and no guided law in place.
For example, the Pangu Bulolo branch held an open forum at Sibruk village in the Buang LLG.
Basil reportedly misled the people when he said that he had some differences with the Pangu Pati executives but that would not stop him from fielding his candidates for the election.
He further said that, he was a Morobean and he would endorse his own candidates if they met certain criteria.
I strongly believe that the party executives are performing their roles and responsibilities as per their duty statement within the office of the Integrity of Political Parties and do not believe what Basil said about them.
The Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates must pull the Pangu leader into line before the election writs are issues.
Pangu is one of our oldest political parties but bad leadership will further tarnish its good reputation.

Pangu supporter,

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