Where’s all the DSIP money?


I support calls that Abau has not seen the value of the DSIP (district funds) worth K150 million – K10 milion a year. Where has all this money gone to? There is no improvement in the basic services in Abau district. Recently, MP Dr Puka Temu was talking up re-opening the Magarida airstrip, which has been closed for 20 years, when he was elected to Parliament. He has been sleeping for the past 20 years? Abau needs a good hospital with important drugs; Kupiano Secondary High School has seen better days; there are no economic activities; water supply is lacking even though we have some big rivers from where water can be piped into villages; and even Sir Puka’s own village, Kapari, needs a footbridge. If the people Abau want development, we need new blood in Parliament.

Jay Key, Kupiano

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