Which kind of voter are you?


IN recent weeks I have noted writers urging the masses to vote wisely as the election period draws nigh.
Those same sentiments were raised this time five years ago.
This is ample length of time to decide whether they are satisfied with their current MPs performance or not.
While scrutiny will be directed towards contesting candidates I wish to redirect our attention back to the most important person in the electoral process – the voter.  My observation is that there are three classifications of voter pattern specific to our case and they are those who make decisions based on their head, heart or stomach.
The first group are voters who use their head to vote.
Then there are those who let the influence of their heart decide who they vote for.
The third type are those who are driven by their belly or for personal gain.
The question now is “Which kind of voter are you?”

Gerry Hatenave Teteh, PNG

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