Widows urged to join association


Widows Association administrator Jameson Mande urged widows to become part of the  association.
Mande told The National yesterday that the association was organised to recognise and help  widows in the country.
The association was part of a mission to have a national policy for widows and  legislation in parliament.
Mande said there were issues affecting widows that needed to be addressed and they needed to make it an issue of concern.
“The trash is eating the widows away and rotting them and destroying their lives,” he said.
The association stands to have a national policy because there is a mental disability there, they don’t have a physical disability.
“The association is addressing that at the highest level to ensure that there is a policy for it in  parliament and we are happy that now Delilah Gore has publicly put that out, saying that these things were going to be an act in Parliament.”
Mande  said the association was trying also to help widows to be financially reliant through  counselling and identifying them to stand on their own and not to depend on others.
“The depend syndrome – we want to get it out – we want Papua New Guineans to wake up, go to their gardens or do something for themselves,” he said.
“Widows Association is taking that step, telling the widows your husbands are gone, you cannot do anything now, you can’t cry over your husband.”
“You got to come out of it and do something and prepare for something.”
He called on widows to join the association so that they would be assisted on how to sustain themselves.

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