Having a will can save a lot of pain


THE high number of cases of surviving partners and siblings fighting over deceased’s estates through the Public Curator’s Office (PCO) over the years attests to the high number of people passing on intestate, i.e. dying without leaving a will on how their estate is to be distributed upon their death.
This is an important area that the Curator’s office and government have not taken steps to assist the public in to prevent unnecessary and nasty family feuds or squabbles.
Some of these feuds have led to long sufferings by beneficiaries, improper unsanctioned distributions and family breakups, contrary to the dying person’s contestable verbal wishes.
A signed will would have saved all these and most importantly, kept families intact.
The Public Curator’s Office needs to address this issue by conducting awareness and assisting the public to draw up suitable wills and embrace this as an integral part of its services. It can then retain a copy of the will to process and invoke when relatives produce the relevant death certificate.  Such a process would save the Public Curator’s Office a lot of unnecessary hassles and time.
Public Curator please look into this.


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