Willing to assist TB patients


TB is a sickness which is quite often associated with the poor and underprivileged. Most people affected by this sickness are living in the suburbs and settlements, where the conditions are rife for the sickness to spread quickly.
In places where TB is likely to spread quickly, most people do not take their personal health as a priority, rather a person would be more concerned about surviving from day to day and not so much about a healthy lifestyle.
People in these areas will do anything to make ends meet, even to the extent of indulging in activities which are illegal and dangerous.
Health is the least of their concern.
TB is everywhere.
You won’t know who has TB in your street or neighbourhood unless you are actively involved in the fight against it.
I found this out when I became involved with the TB DOTS programme.
From my experience as a volunteer treatment supporter, I believe these volunteers are a vital part of the fight against TB.
Personal contact with the patient on a daily basis to encourage and monitor their progress goes a long way towards achieving full recovery.
An occasional visit to the home of the patient also encourages the family members to support and not to stigmatise or abuse the patient.
I see this as a positive step towards the fight against TB.
I am prepared to assist in any way.

Arthur Moi    
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