Window of opportunity opening for businesses


STARTING up a business is a challenging journey in our Melanesian culture, surrounded by customary obligations such as deaths, marriage, compensation, sick and many more which involves finance.
Here we have to have a heart to sacrifice some of those customary obligations and keep our heads around the cash flow of our small growing business.
Having in mind the most disgusting negative comments at the back of you, remind yourself that those negative comments in life will never destroy me.
I have been following inspiring motivators in our country like Tiri Kuimbakul, Richard Maru, Gary Juffa, Loi Bakani and Wapu Song, to name a few.
Their actions and contributions in one way or the other in the economic growth and making available business opportunities in our country are commendable.
Unfortunately, we Papua New Guineans oversee the million opportunities available now of becoming small entrepreneurs.
Outsiders coming in to our country are now taking complete advantages of our loss of sight, and they are even going down to advance into smaller businesses as low as tire repair shops while we are becoming spectators on our own soil.
To be direct, I am no exception that I am a typical young Papua New Guinean and am among my country man and women. We can now see the lights through our bright stars some of whom I have just named.
In addition, this Government is the most citizen-focused government since 1975.
Yes, I understand that many people will not agree with me for many good reasons but I am humbly to take myself off from any taking sides standing.
From the business perspective, this Government is promoting and encouraging local businesses (SMEs) under the political leadership of Richard Maru.
We have a lot of issues affecting our country today and downfall in our economy is among them.
I believe that investment is all about taking risks and higher the risk, higher the returns. Lower the risk, lower the returns.
Calculating the risk helps individuals to be informed of the decisions they make.
The most successful businesses today were started during economic downfalls where their owners took great risks.
I would like to commend the Government for fully supporting our ordinary people and I urge all citizens to make use of the opportunities made available by our government go into small businesses now.

Pro Business, via email

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