Wingti reveals big plans for Western Highlands


Following the swearing-in of provincial assembly members last Friday, Western Highlands Governor Paias Wingti expressed gratitude towards the people and announced big projects expected in the province.
Wingti asid this was the first time the Western Highlands people retained him as governor.
“I used to serve only five years then come out and going back in again for another five then out and back again,” he said.
Wingti also said there would be many new developments coming in the province like the new K127 million Kagamuga Airport extension and the four-lane road from Kagamuga to Keltiga.
He announced that Mt Hagen, Hagen Park, Paburabuk secondary schools as well as two others yet to be named, would be affiliated to Southern Cross University in Australia.
He said that these educational institutions would become part of the global education system starting next year.
“I want to see Western Highlanders receive quality education available in the world.”
Wingti said that his government has given top priority to education in the province over the years.
“During the last five years when I came in, there were only nine high schools, but I build 19 new high schools in the last five years and now we have 26 high schools.”
He said he was determined to build 40 new high schools in the province.
Wingti said that while he gave more time to education, he wanted to see teachers in the province become role models.
“I do not want to see a teacher smoking and chewing betel nut in front of students and teach them about bad habits.”
He urged the teachers to be good role models to their students and bring the quality of education to next level.

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