Withdrawal for grade 10s eyed amid violence


By Rebecca Kuku
Southern Highlands Governor William Powi has appealed to the Education Department to allow Grade 10 students of schools in Mendi to withdraw for safety reasons if they wish to.
Powi said that he would speak with the provincial education adviser and students who wished to withdraw and repeat their Grade 10 next year.
Those who wish to sit for the Grade 10 examinations will be allowed to sit for them in other schools within the province not affected by election-related violence and disruptions.
“The violence has escalated to a law and order problem and is now a police matter,” Powi said.
“I am saddened that our students have suffered as a result of that.
“I am concerned that Grade 10 students may not be prepared for the national exams due to the ongoing fighting, destruction and violence that begun when the elections started in July.
“That is why I will make an appeal to the Education Department to allow for mass withdrawals so that they can repeat next year and be fully prepared for the exams.”
Powi said it was unfortunate that the hopefuls for the provincial seat had caused so much destruction that it had affected the education of the young people who would be leaders of the province one day.
“I want to assure the students and their parents that I will support them in any decision they make whether to sit for the exams or withdraw and repeat their Grade 10 next year,” Powi said.
Mendi Secondary High and Mongol Secondary High are the main schools that have been affected by the violence.
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