WNB to access better network coverage


More people from Kandrian Coastal and Gloucester LLGs are now connected to the outside world, thanks to the West New Britain government and Digicel PNG.
West New Britain Governor Sasindran Muthuvel last Friday launched two towers in the South Coast of the province, enabling more people to connect to the outside world.
People from Kautu Mete, Maklo, Karamia, Pililo, Kumbun, Sauren, Dongon and Amulut were out of communication until the launching of the two towers covering a population of about 6000 people.
The people in Gloucester had to walk long distances for up to seven hours to areas where they could receive the Digicel signal to make calls.
The Airagilpua tower at Gloucester can transmit up to 30km and will cover Airagilpua village and the primary school, Gilnit and Silimate, serving a population of about 4000 people.
Muthuvel said the other services provided through this serviceĀ  apart from phone calls included internet connectivity, banking services especially transfer of funds, and fast relay of information on health and for emergencies.
Digicel PNG project manager Sent Kiddie appealed to the people to look after the infrastructures as they were very costly.
Kiddie said Digicel PNG was proud to partner the WNB government to bring the vital service to people in the remote areas.
People from Maklo and Airagilpua thanked the government and Digicel PNG for enabling them to call from the comfort of their homes.

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