WNB officers prepare


PRESIDING officers in West New Britain are the front-liners during the national election and must be provided vital up-to-date information, provincial returning officer Emily Kelton says.
She will conduct training next week  for the two returning officers in Talasea and Kandrian-Gloucester plus the 12 assistant returning officers.
A second training will follow for the 61 presiding officers. Kelton will then make an assessment if the election officials understand the information they have been given.
The Electoral Commission recently introduced changes which presiding officers must understand.
“Presiding officers must know how to give their pre-election speeches, fill in the election journal daily to report all happenings at the polling booth and other issues,” she said.
Kelton said the polling schedule was completed and sent to the commission for approval.
There will be 61 polling teams, 305 polling officials in total.
Kandrian/Gloucester will have 22 polling teams and Talasea 39.
The province expects polling materials and the electoral roll to be sent to the province soon.
Kelton said campaigning by candidates was progressing without any hiccups.
In Manus, provincial returning officer Sponsa Navi noted that
campaigning was also progressing well.

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