Woman charged with stealing to stand trial


A woman charged with stealing more than K391,000 three years ago was committed to stand trial in the National Court this week.
The Waigani Committal Count found sufficient evidence against Geua Gavera, from Hanuabada village in National Capital District, who was charged with one count of stealing, one count of misappropriation and one count of conspiracy to defraud.
The money belonged to real estate company Century 21. The court heard that between Jan and Sept 2013, Gavera conspired with Joyce Moripi who was an employee of the company to defraud K391,300.
The court heard that the money was stolen through various transactions not recognised by the company.
The defendant at that time was a seamstress who had an agreement with Joyce Moripi to sew curtains for the company.
The court heard that during the process they raised false invoices to the company and got paid and shared the money.
The court heard that this went on for a period of time until the amount accumulated to K391,300.  Senior Magistrate Cosmas Bidar told the court that evidence against Gavera was overwhelming and sufficient to commit her for trial.
Her bail of K1000 was extended and she was told to appear at the Waigani National Court on Sept 20.

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