Woman forks out K2500 to sponsor students


A WOMAN is assisting Ginigoada graduates to further technical training at Malahang Technical School in Lae.
Melanesian Bible College officer Beck Mesa offered K2500 of her personal funds to sponsor more than half of the graduates in the last Ginigoada life and business skills programme that was facilitated at the college.
“I had an interest to undergo the skills training because I had passion in tourism and hospitality and since the Ginigoada provided a training that guaranteed a place for me at the Malahang Technical School to undergo the course, I was excited and took part in the training,” Mesa said.
“After completing the training a total of 68 graduates including myself, graduated and as a requirement to register at the school, we had to pay a K50 registration fee.
“I have seen a lot of young people, especially young man in the area, who have missed out in the education system and were excited about the second opportunity given to them by the Ginigoada foundation.
“Trainers have provided a second chance to these youths.
“As a church mission, we have been trying to boost the spiritual well being of the people and Ginigoada has stepped in and provided them with the physical assistance to help them.
“We provide spiritual teachings to help young people, especially those unemployed youths and liable to getting involved in illegal activities.
“We are thankful that the Ginigoada training has given back hope to these youths to getting a better job.”
Mesa obtained the money from her savings and offered to assist the graduates to pursue a second chance in life which was provided by the Ginigoada foundation.

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