Women association gets K20,000 donation


A WOMEN’S association in Port Moresby has received K20,000 from Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko to support its activities and business plans.
Tkatchenko handed over the cheque to Raopi Women’s Association treasurer Asli Kanaga.
Kanaga said the new association needed funds to carry out activities and was also looking at projects such as poultry and small businesses in the informal sector.
Kanaga said most of the women in the group were already engaged in the informal market at Koki. Thus, the funding was going to assist them in setting up other businesses.
The association is made up of Eastern Highlands women living at Talai in Port Moresby.
Kanaga said the association was formed to look after the welfare of women and to educate them in running businesses.
“Most of these women are illiterate and need assistance in sustaining themselves especially in a city like Port Moresby.
“This group was set up to make a way for these women to get assistance and earn a living for themselves because there are a lot of opportunities available.”
Tkatchenko said the women played a huge role in taking care of the family unit and the community at large.

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