Women denied freedom, says judge


By Alphonse Porau
Women in this country do not experience the freedom they deserve because men do not protect and respect them,” a judge says.
Sentencing Paul Supa, 36, from Chimbu to 18 years jail for the gang-rape of a 16-year-old female student at 6-Mile settlement in Port Moresby two years ago, Justice Martin Ipang said: “Our country is full of resources and many opportunities but the biggest problem is law and order and one of them is rape.
“It shows clearly that we men do not show respect and we are supposed to protect our women.
“While many women in other countries are walking freely, without being assaulted or intimidated, women in PNG do not experience that freedom.
“We must change our attitude towards women. If you have a sister, you would not want that to happen to them and you will want them to walk freely.”
Ipang told the court that the offence committed was serious, with the number of men involved and the weapons used to threaten the victim.
The court heard that on Oct 18, 2015, at Saraga Settlement, the victim with two boys were returning to their homes from the market at around 6pm or 7pm.
Along the way a group of 12 men approached them. One held a gun to the victim’s neck and the other held a knife to the head.
They threatened the boys and chased them away and took the victim to a drain along the area and threatened to kill her if she did not comply with their orders.
The court heard that they forced the victim to remove her clothes and then took turns to rape her anally, vaginally and orally.
The court heard that during the act, the victim identified Supa’s voice and also heard a man calling his name.
Supa’s relatives eventually came to the rescue of the victim and apprehended him and took him to police station.
Supa was charged with three counts of sexual penetration.
The court gave him 40 days to appeal to the Supreme Court.

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