Women grow, sell grapes to earn living

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A FOUR Square Church pastor in Morobe believes women can earn money and even make a living by engaging in floriculture.
Pastor Kuyai Yamu, from Omsis village in Ward Four,  Huon Gulf, said there were many ways that women could  earn a living meaningfully instead of gambling and engaging in other illegal activities.
Yamu and her friends are trying to engage in floriculture and other small business ventures and are encouraging women to taken on the initiative.
She said while they were doing this, they came across grapes in which they saw potential given the local demand.
“We will be planting more grape vines and produce more to be sold in markets and possibly find buyers who can sell our produce in partnership,” she said.
“Though grapes have been grown elsewhere, we are trying to produce enough to supply the market demands.”
Yamu said she and her friend, Kerrie Simex, grew grape vines in their backyard and found that it produced enough grapes and they were looking at extending their gardens.
Simex said she first planted grape vines she took from Goroka, Eastern Highlands.

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