Women sell moringa powder for a living


SOME women in East New Britain have started the small-scale business of Moringa powder in East New Britain.
Sinivit local level government acting rural development officer Shiela Sato said the powder was becoming a favourite food seasoning for locals although its production only started recently.
Sato made the comments during the World Food Day at the University of Natural Resources and Environment Vudal Campus last Friday.
Sato is an agriculturalist by profession and has been working with farmers in the Sinivit local level government of Pomio district.
She is assisting farmers in the area to learn how to farm Moringa plants and produce moringa oil and soap using moringa leaves.
Sato recently started producing moringa powder for seasoning and capsules as a food supplement.
The products are produced mostly from dried moringa leaves, crushed into fine powder.
Fredah Darius, a mother who attended last Friday’s event told The National that the powder when added to water kept her children fit for long hours.
The Moringa plant is widely known as the “miracle tree” and grows in the tropical climate.
The leaves are loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other essential nutrients.
It lowers blood sugar level, reduce inflammation and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

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