Women against sex law


THE Highlands branch of Women in Politics is strongly against legalising prostitution in the country.
President Cecilia Dre Kimagl said there was no way people could look for money or go hungry when Papua New Guinea was richly blessed.
She said PNG was a blessed nation and rich with fertile land where people could make money and only lazy people were going around engaging in prostitution to look for fast money.
Kimagl said PNG was also a Christian country and the basic tenets of Christianity must be maintained.
She blamed parliamentarians for failing to fund farming activities and other areas to help people earn a living.
“This (poverty) must not be the reason why people should be engaging in prostitution, instead there are other means and ways they can find a better living,” she said.
“This act will not be good for PNG and we have to start looking at creating some principles in life.”
Kimagl said prostitution could lead to the spread of HIV/AIDS and destroy the future generation.
She said each MPs must look at ways to help their people.
She said people who are doing nothing and residing in other centres must be sent back to their own provinces so that they can be in their villages.
“There is no need for us to go into prostitution when we have all the resources,” Kimagl said.
“We cannot allow the people, both men and women to go into prostitution.”
She said prostitution was practiced by people with evil minds because they were lazy.

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