Women start cleaning settlement to fight disease


WOMEN from a Port Moresby community have taken the initiative to clean their area twice a week to promote healthy living.
Idubada Women of Worth Association members clean their settlement near the Port Moresby Technical College every Tuesday and Friday
Representative Rebecca Joe Kin said for settlement dwellers to be healthy, they needed to take responsibility by keeping their yards clean and free of unnecessary and unwanted objects such as empty cans and containers which can allow mosquitoes to breed.
“We have heard warnings about lifestyle disease and TB spreading like wildfire across the country and we want to be committed to look after ourselves to prevent such diseases,” Kin said
“The women saw the need to address such health concerns so they took the initiative by promoting healthy living.
“The group lost three of its members through TB and other health issues.”
Kin said some sickness and diseases could be prevented through such initiatives.

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