Women tells: How Sept 11 terror attack affected her

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Today marks 16 years since the biggest terrorist attack in the United States and Loraine from Karkar Island, Madang, who was in Chicago at that time, still remembers the day.
She said the attack on the World Trade Centre in New York was an important event in world history and she chose to tell her story as a way to remember it.
Ginigin had just completed a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Education at the Hyles-Anderson College in Chicago and was due to graduate the next day, Sept 12, 2001.
She had been in the United States with her American foster parents from 1996 to 2001 and had undertaken the studies and graduated.
“It’s a special day where many lives were lost and I can’t forget that and I’m planning to return to the United States  to live and work there,” Ginigin said.
“Only in God we can handle big problems throughout the world
She recalled sitting in class with other students from all parts of the world on that Tuesday morning, a day that began like any other day.
The television was turned on and they all watched with grief as fear struck the entire country.
As a Christian College everyone was encouraged to pray for the country, the government and the people of America.
The good thing, Ginigin added, was that America is a Christian country and there were people praying all around the world.
A teacher she gave up her career and joined the American Missions Baptist Church where she works with indigenous people.
“Its been 16 years since I’ve been in Papua New Guinea and my heart breaks to remember what had happened and I will always pray for the people of  United States” Ginigin said.

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