Women urged to form groups, create project proposals


MOTHERS in Lae have been urged to form groups and bring their project proposals to the city council for funding.
Mayor Koim Trilu Leahy said this yesterday when presenting a cheque for K10,000 to the Gantom Mama Culture Group from West Taraka for their projects.
Leahy said aside from its role in beautification and development programmes, the council has the duty to support marginalised resident groups to go into income-generating activities.
“I urge mothers in Lae to form groups and come to us with their proposals,” he said.
“The groups must be properly registered with the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA), must have bank accounts, tax statements and proper minutes of meetings.
“The council will give small assistance so that they can go into small projects like piggery, poultry and sewing.”
Leahy said the Gantom women’s group had sought assistance from the council and it has assisted them when their documents were in order.
He said the council would give some more assistance if the group made good use of the funding and provided acquittals.
“We are also thinking of sending in officers from the council to provide training if required.”

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