Women urged to make their own beauty products


A LOCAL entrepreneur is trying to convince PNG women to produce their own cosmetics rather than import them.
Dayelyne Langarap from Manus is the founder of the Kumul Organic Cosmetic which uses local herbs and plants to produce cosmetics for facial makeup, lipstick, skin and hair care products.
“As the fashion industry is growing and more of our women are now trying to adopt to the fashion world, there are no industries or manufacturers in the country  that are producing cosmetics to suit the demand of our women,” she said.
Langarap saw many local women did not like to wear expensive make-up.
Langarap was on a trip to Singapore when she noticed in a shop products with the Bird of Paradise design.
“I walked over and saw coffee and tea products that had labels saying Grown in the Highlands of New Guinea and packed in Australia.”
This motivated her to pursue studies overseas and come back to make products from raw materials.
“I was sponsored by my husband to study a diploma course in Cosmetic Science, Herbal and Holistic Medicine, Aromatherapy and perfumery in Paris for four years,” she said.
She returned in 2000 and registered her cosmetic company.
“Because there were no proper factories and laboratories, I produce my products from my kitchen using cooking equipment and other household materials.”
She currently resides at Boroko in Port Moresby, and teaches women how to make the different cosmetics using ingredients obtained from local organic plants and medicinal herbs.

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