Women’s leader hails govt’s agenda to ensure women represented in parliament

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Prime Minister Peter O’Neill (pictured) and MPs have done the right thing to make it a Government agenda to ensure women are represented in Parliament, says Women in Politics Highlands region president Cecelia Dre.
She told The National that she was happy that O’Neill had responded to calls to review the work done on 22 reserved seats for women and to find ways of ensuring gender equity in Parliament.
Dre called on the United Nations, Australia and other development partners to work with the Government to make O’Neill’s commitment a reality.
She said women leaders were satisfied that O’Neill had responded to their cries for women representation in Parliament.
“We are satisfied PM has taken systematic approaches through legislation and policies,” Dre said.
“I appeal to Minister for Community Development (Soroi Eoe) and his department to lead in effecting the prime minister’s call.”

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