Wong warns attackers of policemen


POLICE Minister Jelta Wong has warned that attacks on police officers and government security personnel would be viewed as a direct attack on the sovereignty of the nation.
He said this in regards to the recent incident in Southern Highlands where police officers were attacked by locals.
“In light of the current situation in the Southern Highlands, a number of fatalities were sustained by the Royal PNG Constabulary as a result of a deliberate and cowardly attack by members of the public on the RPNGC, an action I condemn as the police minister, but an action we as a nation will not tolerate,” Wong said.
“Deliberate attacks on members of the RPNGC and other government security personnel will not be taken lightly and will be responded to in an appropriate manner that will deter any possible future occurrences.  Such attacks will be viewed as a direct attack on the sovereignty of the nation.”
Wong said he planned to introduce legislation to protect officers and to limit the use of illegal firearms.
“I will ensure that appropriate and relevant legislation is drafted and introduced to Parliament to protect our servicemen and women in the course of their duty, as a matter or priority.
“Furthermore, as a means to tighten gun control, I will also be discussing with the Commissioner how best the RPNGC is able to manage this issue and others with the possibility of instituting a firearms and ammunition moratorium, a state of emergency for parts of the Highlands region, as well as further drafting of legislation to deal strictly with offences relating to the use of firearms, increasing penalties of custodial sentences from 40 years to life.”
Wong also expressed his condolences to the families of the officers involved in the incident.
He said that he was committed to find those accountable and stop the unwarranted killing of police officers.

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