Work hard to provide for your children: Basil


PEOPLE living in Waria Valley in Bulolo, Morobe and neighboring communities in Goilala and Gulf want the Government to to help them use available resources.
Bulolo MP Sam Basil said there was lack of services which could help the people use available resources to participate in socio-economic activities.
Basil told the people to work hard to provide for their children.
“Let us never be blindfolded and neglect tomorrow’s children who will grow and question what we as parents and leaders set in place for their benefit,” Basil said.
He said the border areas which needed most attention were Kira, Kaintiba, Nukewa, Goilala, Kol Maunten and Bia-Waria.
“These border areas are still part of Bulolo and whatever little resources Bulolo has we will always share together as we are all creations of God,” Basil said.
Kabwum MP Bob Dadae, who accompanied Basil to Bia-Waria on Sunday, said there was a similar situation in Kabwum. He said most of the basic services did not reached those areas. Dadae said neglected people were slowly waking up to development and needed infrastructure to help them progress.

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