What is the work of Labour Department?


What is really the work of Labour Department?
Every now and then employees are abused, assaulted, underpaid, have their contracts breached, suffer accidents during working hours, get a pay cut, are not paid their finish entitlements, do not contribute to a superannuation fund, or are wrongfully suspended or terminated by their supervisors or employers.
They go to the Labour Department for assistance knowing that that it is a neutral Government department that knows all the policies.
It can say whether the employee/employer is right or wrong and then recommend on how best the issue can be solved.
Unfortunately, the process of waiting and follow-ups can take years.
From my observation, in the ongoing follow-up process, I see new clients coming after me and already being served.
I wonder what criteria the department follows.
Being a victim myself with my employer, I lodged my complaint in July 2016 (same time), and am still being told by them to follow up.
I am still doing the same currently. I would like someone from the elite public or the Labour Department to explain their roles and the kind of processes to handle clients’ cases.
How long it takes to work on a case?
Who should handle the case when Labour cannot do so?


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