Work with sector: Official


PRESIDENT of the Papua New Guinea Fisheries Industry Sylvester Pokajam says the National Fisheries Authority (NFA) must work in collaboration with players in the industry to enhance it.
“From the industry perspective, we would like to see NFA working more closely with the industry,” Pokajam told The National.
“Open consultation and regular consultation is very, very important because NFA would not know what problems the industry is facing unless they start to open up and have frequent dialogue.”
Pokajam who has been NFA managing director for 10 years until 2013, said there was no dialogue between the industry and NFA unlike his time at the helm.
“I see that there is no dialogue, that is the reason why I have emphasised strongly that this dialogue must begin,” he said.
Pokajam said he was now at the NFA board as an ex-officio member and brought this concern to the board’s attention.
“If we do things properly like I said, NFA must work together with the industry and then trash out whatever issues that we have and then look for markets, other business will thrive,” he said.

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