Work to start on police housing


CONSTRUCTION work will soon begin at the Kenabot residential area in Kokopo, East New Britain on institutional housing for the police Islands divisional command.
Police Commissioner Gary Baki, when speaking at the ground breaking ceremony last Thursday, said the Government had made a decision to build police infrastructure in the country.
These infrastructures will be mainly in densely populated provinces.
“It is my desire and intention to ensure that where there is a divisional headquarters, there will also be four important accommodation houses, divisional head command, deputy divisional head command, provincial command and station command houses,” Baki said.
“Where there is a metropolitan command, there must also be a house to accommodate its head.”
Baki said the current cost of renting properties was very high adding that building police infrastructure was the way forward.
“These properties will not be private properties,” he said.
Baki said there would be a metropolitan house built for Kokopo soon.
“One of the main reasons why I decided to visit Kokopo is to discuss with relevant authorities on how we can build a metropolitan command for Kokopo,” he said.
He said the new developments in police infrastructure in Kokopo would complement the recent city status and tourism hub declarations.
Baki said patrol stations would also be established soon along the highway connecting West and East New Britain to promote the recent declarations.

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