Work as a team, Baki tells female officers


POLICE Commissioner Gary Baki has challenged female police officers in East New Britain to work as a team.
He told them in Kokopo last Thursday that he had realised months ago that they were not working together.
“When I was addressing female police officers in preparations for the world FIFA tournament in Port Moresby recently, I realised that our female officers working in East New Britain were not working together,” he said.
“You are not working together because you have so many differences among yourselves. I also did not see any of you during the recent police conference in Lae.”
Baki told them to sort out their differences immediately.
“If it means you have to address your differences in a reconciliation process, then do it,” he said. He said policing needed teamwork with a professional approach.
“We have Apec just around the corner. East New Britain will be a host province. I do not want to see any differences and nonsense among police officers in this province,” he said.
“Get yourselves together and tidy up.”
Acting ENB police commander Senior Inspector Joseph Tabali confirmed that the female officers had sorted out their differences.
“I called all the women under my command weeks ago to meet with me. I spoke to them strongly. I urged them to respect each other, and to stop bringing each other down through gossips and back-biting. These are the attitude issues that affect their performance,” Tabali said.

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