All workers should be insured: Association


IT is time the Government and unions work together to come up with a national policy to ensure that all workers are insured, Public Employees Association general secretary Peter Togs says.
Speaking during the signing of a memorandum of agreement (MoA)for the PEA insurance plan between PEA and the Fire Fighters Association of PNG, Togs said insurance cover was a necessity for workers.
Togs said the Government and all stakeholders needed to establish a national policy with appropriate legislation to insure all workers.
“If we want the public service to be effective and remain efficient in the delivery of services to the people of PNG, they need to remain healthy.
“For the fire fighters, given the nature of their job, it is important to have insurance cover. Furthermore, having life and health cover for all public servants will save a lot of money for the Government as the employer as these costs will be transferred to the private insurers as risk takers.”
According to Togs, the MoA between PEA and the Fire Fighters Association was the first of its kind because it was going to be compulsory for all fire fighters to join the PEA insurance plan launched in May.
Togs thanked the PNG Fire Service chief Isaac Silas and president of the Fire Fighters Association Gena Gawa for making insurance available to all fire fighters in PNG.
He added that secretary for the Department of Personnel Management John Kali was supportive of plans to have public servants insured.
Togs said the insurance scheme attracted affordable premiums which would be initially funded by individual public servants.
“It is only fair that the worker and the employer are equally responsible for such programmes.”
Togs said he was concerned that that a majority of public servants and private sector workers did not have any form of insurance cover.
In the absence of a national policy, Togs said the PEA national executive in the last congress meeting endorsed the setup of a scheme to initially cover all the financial contributors and the same benefits may be extended to all public servants.

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