Workers urged to put safety first


EMPLOYEES of the Ramu NiCo mine have been urged to be mindful about safety.
Basamuk Refinery Register manager Bill Hill challenged the employees during the closing of a weeklong national mining safety week.
The company’s theme was “Manage your risk” with the aim of achieving zero harm in 2017.
Hill encouraged employees to understand the relevance of safety which should not be compromised in their work place.
“Individually we may be different, but collectively we will make a difference.
“It is up to all of us to understand and act in eliminating risk,” Hill said.
“If risk cannot be removed completely, put in place measures to reduce the risk. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.
Mine Register Manager Sarimu Kanu advised the employees to “never walk past an unsafe act”.
Sarimu said most employees understood safety but achieving consistency it was still a challenge.

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