Works dept carries out survey to improve infrastructures


A SURVEY has been carried out in Sumkar district by the Works Department to improve infrastructure.
District works programme manager Kepsy Lapp said they had conducted surveys on roads, bridges, jetties and other infrastructures in the district.
“The survey has enabled us to identify areas that needs to be fixed so we would submit a report on that for funding,” he said.
Lapp told The National that they conducted the survey around Karkar Island over two weeks and would travel to Sumgilbar.
“We hope that this would help improve service delivery in the district. We will have an exact figure of what needs to be fixed after two weeks upon completion of this survey in the mainland,” he said.
Lapp said many times funding for fixing infrastructures was not put to proper use because of inaccurate figures given.
“People were using ghost figures, therefore, funds were never put to good use and sometimes end up in their pockets,” he said.
“This survey would provide accurate facts and prevent corrupt practices because funds would be made available depending on the figures given from the survey.”

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