Workshop highlights importance of collecting data on prices


PARTICIPANTS from the 22 provinces who undertook a week-long training on the consumer price index (CPI) have been urged to consult weekly with the National Statistical Office (NSO) on the prices of items collected.
National statistician Roko Koloma said during the workshop on Tuesday at Lealea Village in Central that data collection of prices was important in planning and formulating policies.
He said it would be helpful for consumers to understand why prices increased or decreased on items.
“The purpose of this workshop is to remind people that we are able to collect good statistics for the country,” Koloma said.
He said price was important because “we need to measure price on the regularly basis to monitor (its) movement”.
“The index itself is measurement of inflation,” he said.
“So we expect you to have weekly consultations with the  National Statistical Office.
“If you just have figures at the top of your head, you will never get it correct in the long-term.”
Koloma said the government had realised that every plan and policy must have statistics to support it.
“And with this CPI, the NSO has realised the potential in using the people for this work by endorsing 30 casuals,” he said.
“They will sign a contract and paid allowances on a fortnightly basis.”

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