Wrong call, Sir Julius


SIR Julius Chan, one of the architectures behind the formation of Papua New Guinea as an independent nation will never be accorded all the compliments he deserves in line with the other political icons such as Sir Michael Somare and John Momis.
Unfortunately, all his hard work has gone down the drain for the very regrettable decision that he made and which has shocked the nation.
PNG was looking up to him and other credible political figures to put the country on the right course.
It is generally seen that Sir Julius’s decision to join the People’s National Congress-led coalition resulted from the defeat of his son, Byron, to the National Alliance in the general election.
He himself came close to losing to the NA.
These two issues probably combined to put him off wanting to stay in a coalition camp with the party that upset his family members.
That, however, cannot be used as an excuse.
He should make a U-turn and take his People’s Progress Party members back to the opposition and help form a government with Pangu.
That is the greatest thing he can offer PNG now before ending his political life.

Tony Sulupin

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