Yakam wants area for garment, textile vendors


INDIVIDUALS who specialise in the garment and textile industry should be allocated a specific area in the city to sell their products, an official says.
Richard Yakam, the Department of Trade Commerce and Industry first assistant secretary (trade division) said this should include who selling meri blouses.
He urged the National Capital District Commission should consider the suggestion.
“People involved in textile and other handcraft are (part of the) small informal sector,” Yakam said.
“Most are selling on the streets and at Tabari place in Boroko. They need to be located at a safer place with proper facilities.
NCDC has done well so far in terms of markets for fresh produce and fish. There is need to put up similar facilities for the people involved in the craft.
“The informal sector is not smoke and buai only. It’s a wide range of activities that people are involved in which needs to be understood and promoted.”
Meanwhile, Yakam said the department had been tasked to assist in growing the garment and textile industry.

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