Yet another murder in Madang as crime escalates


MADANG police have been urged to arrest suspects who allegedly stabbed and killed a man from East New Britain last weekend.
A brother of a the deceased said he was murdered by some boys from Biliau Maus Rot settlement and their names were given to police but no arrests were made.
He said youths living in the area had been attacking innocent people using the same style – stabbing them through the ribs and vital organs.
The relative called on Madang provincial government to find an alternative to deal with the murder suspects in the area because police could not move fast to make arrests.
He said the suspects who murdered his brother were known to him. The suspects had asked the deceased for money and when he said he had none, they stabbed him while he was calling them by name and begging them to stop.
“That area in town is not safe anymore when people who know you can just walk up and stab you any minute when you don’t have money to give them,” he said.
Madang police commander Supt Jacob Singura said police were aware of the matter and the criminal investigation team was working on it.
Biliau Maus Rot settlement spokesman Stanley Gaan said names of suspects were given to police and it was up to the police officers to go into the settlement and arrest the suspects.
“Relatives of the suspects were getting back at us leaders when we try to identify and hand over the suspects so police need to go into the settlement and use all their power to get the suspects,” Gaan said.
The murder has also raised public concern over what the town authorities and politicians were doing to address settlement issues and public security and justice in cases where police cannot make quick arrests.
Madang Governor Jim Kas said the suspects were known and it was just a matter of police to move in and arrest everyone involved.
Kas said that when he briefly told Prime Minster Peter O’Neill and the business community last Friday night in Madang about reports of crime in the town publicised in the media.

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