Yoga not a hard stretch for little children


A school in the National Capital District will kick off the Walk and Yoga for Life programme initiated by NCD Governor Powes Parkop.
The programme was launched last Saturday at Sevese Morea Primary School by Elis Siki, the sponsor of the event on behalf of the governor.
She thanked the school for introducing the programme and commended it for being the first school in the country to do so.
“Walk and Yoga for Life has come a long way since 2015 and has seen positive impacts on the lives of individuals who had taken on the concept,” she said.
Yoga is now introduced in schools to address social ills such as the abuse of alcohol and drugs and fighting among youths in communities.
The school will hold a yoga class every Thursday afternoon and will also participate in the Walk for Life on Sunday mornings which had been arranged by Parkop.
“It is Governor Parkop’s goal to inspire future generations to live healthier and make our country much better than what it is today,” Siki said.
“Despite the negative comments on social media the Walk and Yoga for Life participants have felt the changes in their own lives. They are able to do things they never thought they would easily do before.
“This is a good programme that will help people overcome lifestyle diseases, which are very common today. Young people have to keep themselves physically fit to avoid lifestyle diseases.”

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