Yoga praised as key to finding the right balance

Youth & Careers

An awareness of yoga in the National Capital District in recent years has seen many people participating in the exercise.
Yoga United Youth Empowerment Project (Yu Yet PNG) trainer and life coach Fazilah Bazari says the benefits of yoga are manifold; yoga works on a physical, mental and emotional level.
“At the physical level it keeps us healthy, flexible, strong, balanced and energetic,” Bazari said.
“It balances the energy throughout the day and you don’t feel too tied, it teaches how to hold our posture.”
Bazari said on a mental level, yoga helps us to be positive in life.
“And then emotionally when your body is seated in the right way and you are breathing properly, it is difficult to hold anger and fear,” she said.
“You are just calm and peaceful.
“So when you have a balance between emotional, physical and mental, you become a harmonious and peaceful person and so you become aware of the decision you are making.”

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