Young Bahai members prepare for celebration


Children in the Bahai centre at Two-Mile in Lae took part in a dance and drama event last week in preparation for the faith’s bicentennial celebration next month.
All across the country, almost 7000 children in over 600 neighbourhoods are taking an active role in preparing for the celebration to commemorate the birth of the founder of the Bahai faith.
According to a report received, over 4000 junior youths aged between 11 and 14 years are participating in the spiritual empowerment programmes and 1000 adults are studying the creative words of God through Ruhi Institute courses.
The report states that the purpose of these classes is to create a rich harvest of people who are morally sound and focused on creating a better society thorough acts of community service.
A teacher with the children’s class in Lae, Dulcie Puinam said over the week, children have learnt and acquired spiritual qualities such as love, truthfulness, generosity and obedience among others.
She said the classes have helped in causing behavioural change in children.
Over six million Baha’i followers around the world including the 60,000 in Papua New Guinea will take part in the bicentennial celebration on Oct 22.

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