Youths, ‘sorcerers’ change ways


MORE than 100 youths and two suspected sorcerers from Katuna village along the north coast of Northern surrendered to police on Wednesday and reconciled with the local community.
Provincial police commander Chief Inspector Lincoln Gerari who witnessed the event, confirmed that the youths had surrendered the equipment they have been using to produce homebrew. “They begged for forgiveness from God, from the State and from their people and promised not to be involved in such activities again,” Gerari said.
“The youth participated in a hands washing ceremony as a sign of complete surrender and they would be good citizens of their community.
He said the two sorcerers held the Bible and surrendered to God saying they wanted to change their lives and help their communities. Gerari said this was one of the biggest groups of youth in the province to surrender and give up their bad habits.
“I was happy with the youths’ decision to give up the illegal activities and be responsible members of the community,” he said.
“I am calling on other youths throughout the province to follow the example of the Katuna youths to help address law and order problems in the province.”
Meanwhile, doctors at the Popondetta General Hospital have confirmed through a post mortem that a young man alleged to have been murdered last month near Isivi Street in Popondetta was killed in a motor vehicle accident.
Gerari said it was alleged that the young man was murdered and his body thrown into a drain where he was found. He said the man was believed to have been under the influence of alcohol and was walking along the road when he was hit by a vehicle.
He said investigations were still continuing and police were on the lookout for the vehicle and the driver.
He warned the people of Northern to take precautions during the festive period.

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