Youths take up sports to maintain peace


YOUTHS from a settlement at Konedobu in the National Capital District vowed last week to leave their differences aside to maintain peace in the settlement.
The Vanama Youth Group got together for the first time last week and formed a new rugby league team which will be a vehicle to bring about peace and unity in the settlement.
Group spokesman, Willie Pota from Goilala in the Central, told The National that they were focusing on living a good and healthy life in line with their theme of promoting peace through unity and oneness, and promised to leave their old unproductive life behind.
“We have observed that with the increasing number of people coming into the city from all over the country, the need to live peacefully in each settlement of the community is very important.”
Pota said that people living there were from the Highlands and coastal areas and there was a need for mutual understanding so that everyone could live peacefully.
“In order to promote unity and oneness, we formed a rugby team so that any interested youth from the Highlands or from the coastal areas can join the team. This is one of the way we intend to maintain peace in the settlement,” Pota said.
“We came up with this idea after seeing so many settlements in the city facing problems because of regionalism.
“We don’t want any problems in our settlement (Vanama) and that is one of the main reason to use sports to promote peace.”
Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko bought uniforms and paid the team’s registration fee to play in the Kaugere rugby league competition.

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